my name is Panagiotis Kotsas.  I am a special scientist in the field of image processing. I am a Ph.D. candidate of the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering of the University of Sheffield, UK.  I hold a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece. This is my personal site.The focus of this site is my research on medical  image registration. But you can also find stuff about my other interests, as well as my personal blog.

This site is designed in such a way so that there are some basic Sections. Each Section consists of Pages.

In  the HOME Section you can find a description of this site and also a Short CV, my Contact details and my Favorite Links  page.

In the  IMAGE PROCESSING Section there is a short description of my medical image registration method. There you can find a list of my Publications with links to papers and the Code and Papers page. In the  Code and Papers page you can find  source code and paper publications from my work on medical image registration.

In the  COMPUTERS Section I provide  RSS feeds from computer sites around the world. 

 In the  FUN Section is a selection of songs,movies and games

The TWITTER section is updated often with publications and comments. 

The  BLOG Section is the yeranos and   my Information Theory BlogThere is a moto for this blog "Makris (Long) is my bad name".




Panagiotis Kotsas






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